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"Nicole was so wonderful to work with. She was extremely organized and professional and really took the time to get to know me and Gardeneers so that she could help personalize a compensation plan that really met our needs. We were able to progress and stay on track for this project because she set feasible goals and timelines and has a deep wealth of knowledge and experience. Gardeneers is so lucky to have worked with Nicole. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs to create a new compensation plan. She made a HUGE difference for our quickly growing organization." -  May Tsupros, Executive Director, Gardeneers

"I am so incredibly thrilled about the project we just completed with Nicole at Smith Compensation Solutions. I could not have accomplished alone what we did together. It's so valuable to have Nicole's professional guidance and leadership on this work. Now I can know that we've followed appropriate legal requirements and that our personnel work is informed by best practices. I couldn't have done that alone. Our job descriptions, salary market analysis and pay ranges are all professionally documented now. I'm actually proud of them. We're a small organization that treats our staff very well; working with Nicole helped us up our personnel game so that we have more of a formal structure and set of policies to guide how we recruit, retain and develop talent. The most important set of decisions an organization makes is who they hire, fire and invest in as staff. By helping us invest in that, Nicole is helping us protect rivers and watersheds. I didn't even know what a compensation philosophy was when we started; now we have one! Thanks to Nicole, we're a more sophisticated and professional organization. I even learned excellent project management tips from her. Nicole was upbeat, friendly, responsive to my input, timely, detail-focused, driven to meet deadlines, flexible and fun. She was consistently a good listener and a clear communicator. She rocks!" - Greg Pepping, Executive Director, Coastal Watershed Council