Helping organizations establish pay for their employees one step at a time.



We provide solutions for every phase of the compensation life cycle.


Job Analysis and Documentation

· Job analysis and job evaluation

· Job description creation, updates, and audits

Benchmarking, Research and Analysis

· Market pricing/benchmarking jobs

· Market studies (i.e. pay equity analyses)

· Survey management, submissions, custom surveys

· Compensation research

· Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) analysis

· Salary planning development and administration (merit/incentive cycles)

· Salary design and implementation (i.e. merit budget, focal periods)

Variable Pay Programs

· Incentives, bonuses, retention/stay bonuses program design, analysis, and implementation

· Sales compensation review and design

Other Services

· Compensation policy review and development

· Compensation training materials (i.e. user guides, how-to guides)

· Compensation training for leaders and employees

· On-line compensation system selection and implementation assistance

· Compensation philosophy/strategy review and development

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